lørdag 19. september 2015

Birthday Tresure Box

So this is a little something I made for my sisters boyfriend, he loves sour candy and so I put a candy suprise for him in a tresure box.
I also bought a small figure of a Camaro car, it looked like the one we drove in our vacation in Florida.
It was cute and yellow, but I did forgot to take a picture of it.
Here is my tresure box finished and fixed, I think it was pretty cool to make and easy :)

This is the top of the box, with belt straps as decoration.

The front with a lock on, it can open the box or close it.

The back is fastened with swarowski crystals on pins.

The inside of the box, with a beautiful Tilda looking for ants, and the bottom with a stamp I never used before but it was very pretty. I used Glossy accent on to make it bubbly.

Here you can see the shimmer of the glossy accent.

And a closer look at Tilda and her ants, also used glossy accent on the glass she's holding.

Box filled up with candy, for a special someone :) 

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