mandag 30. november 2015

12 Tags of 2015 -TimHoltz-November

So this is actually my 11th tag this year, still following Tim Holtz on his blog.
This is the November tag and it was pretty fun to make, hope you'll like it :)

The Tag in whole picture

Closer look at the stamp I used, Compliments of the Season

Closer look at emblishment, heart with wings(used alcohol ink mushroom)

Closer look at the flower I stamped, colored and made two of

Closer look at the bottom, die out the word enjoy

Without blitz

With blitz

Hope you liked it :-)

torsdag 19. november 2015

Top Hat - FlossHatt

Jeg har akkurat laget min første Flosshatt, det var både gøy og utfordrende.
Har ikke laget noe steg for steg så her kommer bare bilder av sluttresultatet :) 
Først på norsk, så vil jeg skrive på engelsk.

Ting jeg har brukt: - 2 stk akvarell papir (canson) 
- Crafty Individuals 3 stk (Travels in Italy)
- Stars
- Glossy Ascents
- Scotch lim
- Cherish emblishement
- Coca cola mini plast flaske
- 2 Liljer lysblå, 1 rose mørkblå (wild orchids craft)
- Tim Holtz tråd gullgul
- 2 stk sugerør rød og lilla (Søstrene Grene)
- Gyllenbrun strimlettråd nett
- Passer og saks
- Vintage Seam binding ribbon (cream) 

I just made my first Top Hat, it was both funny and exiting.
Haven't made any manuals for this, just followed my guts, so pictures comes underneath :)

Supplies I've used: - 2 aquarell papers (canson) 
- 2 Crafty Individuals paper (Travel in Italy)
- 3 Stars
- Glossy Ascents
- Scotch Glue
- Cherish Emblishement
- Coca Cola tiny plastic bottle
- 2 Lillys lightblue, 1 rose darkblue (wild orchids craft)
- Tim Holtz goldenyellow thread
- 2 straws in red and purple (Sisters Grene, its a store in Norway)
- Goldenbrown webs
- Compass and scissor
- Vintage Seam binding ribbon Cream.

Here comes the pictures of my Top Hat ending result, hope you'll enjoy it :)
Leave a comment if you like, I love hearing back from you !

This is what it looked like before I put on details on it

I also made the inside look good, to put candy or money in it

Ahh the top, difficult to let it be the way it was..but still I needed to put on some stars and glossy ascents to it, couldn't help myself

Here the flowers came on, gave it a little lift I think

At last, the goldenyellow thread is on with the tag for who this is for. 3 lovely boys ! 

And here you go, the finished top hat, with the gift underneath it :) 

søndag 18. oktober 2015

12 Tags of 2015 -TimHoltz-October

The month that ends in Halloween, there for I think Tim thought about this tag.
This tag is handmade, Tim used a zombie die, I draw the zombie and cut it out
all by myself, handmade !
Took me long, but here is my 12 Tags og 2015 October Tag :)

søndag 20. september 2015

12 Tags of 2015 -TimHoltz- September

This tag was fun to make and made incredible beautiful colors in the background.
I borrowed alcohol ink from my sister so this time I won't write down what I used, just simply
post pictures for you to enjoy. 
I'm in the 12 tags of 2015 challenge from Tim Holtz blog, this is September :) 

The tag seen from above

A closer look at the butterfly details

A closer look at the banner wich says: Possibility begins with imagination.

Seen from the side, you can see the butterflies goes 3D.

And here I took a picture of the tag with white background :) 

lørdag 19. september 2015

Birthday Tresure Box

So this is a little something I made for my sisters boyfriend, he loves sour candy and so I put a candy suprise for him in a tresure box.
I also bought a small figure of a Camaro car, it looked like the one we drove in our vacation in Florida.
It was cute and yellow, but I did forgot to take a picture of it.
Here is my tresure box finished and fixed, I think it was pretty cool to make and easy :)

This is the top of the box, with belt straps as decoration.

The front with a lock on, it can open the box or close it.

The back is fastened with swarowski crystals on pins.

The inside of the box, with a beautiful Tilda looking for ants, and the bottom with a stamp I never used before but it was very pretty. I used Glossy accent on to make it bubbly.

Here you can see the shimmer of the glossy accent.

And a closer look at Tilda and her ants, also used glossy accent on the glass she's holding.

Box filled up with candy, for a special someone :) 

tirsdag 18. august 2015

12 Tags of 2015 -TimHoltz- August

Tim kom med en tøff tag denne måneden, jeg har ikke alt han bruker som vanlig så jeg tyr til andre midler. Men her var ikke tagen så utrolig vanskelig, den var en av de enkleste og kuleste.
Måtte jo såklart kjøpe diesen han bruker her, den er bare så fantastisk !
Her er min tag for August :) 

Tim came with a tough tag this month, since I as always misses a few things that he uses I just simply use my own imagination. This tag wasn't so hard to make, it was the easiest and coolest tags.
I had to buy myself that dies he uses, it was so faboulous !
Here's my tag for August :)

Supplies used;
Surfaces; ManilaTag#8, paper stash/post
Stamps; TH text, TH train
Dies; Adventure words/block,cuttlebug,magnetic platform, plates
Emblishments; adornment steampunkclock, two metall flowers, love pin, remnant rubs
Distress ink; walnut stain, peacock feathers, black soot, mustard seed, spiced marmelade, picked raspberry
Distress marker; black soot
Ink; archival jet black, alcohol ink/mushroom
Tools; paint brush, heat tool, scissors, sanding grip, rub tool, tiny attacher, akryllic block
Adhesive; Glue N'Seal Matte
Mediums; gesso
Misc; string-removable tape

The first manila tag, I used the dies on

Second manila tag I use paper stash and glue on with glue n seal.

Cut the edges with scissors and make a hole in the top

Glue the first manila tag on top of the second using glue n seal

Put on gesso over the tag, make sure to have paper around to dry off gesso from the die cut holes

When the gesso is dry, you can paint the tag with distress inkers

This is how it looks after using the distress inkers on

Then I put on glue n seal over and blended the colors, like this

I stamped a TH train on paper and cut it out

Glue it on the tag and put on a picture over it

My first attempt with rub on, with rub on tools

Use your tiny attacher and attach the rub on to the top of the tag

This is stickers with flowers, I put on some alcohol ink/mushroom

A cotton stick to rub the ink over the stickers in a thinner layer

Here I stamped on some text from TH's stamp pack with cool cars, on the left side

And voila, here's the tag finished with emblishments and everything.

Pin it to remember it :) 

onsdag 15. juli 2015

12 Tags of 2015 -TimHoltz- July

Hi there !
So this is my July tag from Tim Holtz blog, I have a problem without a singer sewing machine so I simply have to do it the old fashioned way.. It's not that pretty but hey, I tried right?! ;) 

Supplies used: 
- manilatag #8 
- TH paper -baking paper
- stamps from Europris and stamp birdhouse from diecuts
- emblishments: No5, loop pin and bearemblishment
- distress markers: mustard seed, Stormy sky, Fired brick and Peeled paint
- Jet black archival ink
- acryl block
- Distress ink; vintage photo
- Needle and black thread
- ribbon vanilla 
- Water sprayer
- Glue N Seal Matte
- sticker; camera stamp

Here's my Tag !

On the top it's the ribbon that I painted with distress markers, the loop pin with bearemblishment

The middle with my neautiful stamps. The bird house comes actually with a die but I didn't use it cause it took so much space on the card..

At the bottom there is No 5 emblishment with a cute camera sticker on.

And here's the Tag ! Pin it to remember it ;) 

torsdag 9. juli 2015

Andre eksplosjonsboks

Laget eksplosjonsboks tidligere, men lik så greit å vise frem denne her også.
Den er til min kjære arbeidskollega, medarbeider og en veldig god venn.
Fyllte selvsagt også denne opp med godis:)

Slik ser den ut når jeg har knytt den sammen.

Lokket uten båndet rundt, uglene har "levende" øyne, kjempe kult.
Uglene er stemplet med archival black, clear stamp pulver og beukt varmepistol på så de skinner så flott i lyset ! Både uglene og øynene til uglene er kjøpt i USA :)

Innsiden som er fyllt opp til randen med godis :)
Legg gjerne igjen en kommenatr :D