torsdag 19. november 2015

Top Hat - FlossHatt

Jeg har akkurat laget min første Flosshatt, det var både gøy og utfordrende.
Har ikke laget noe steg for steg så her kommer bare bilder av sluttresultatet :) 
Først på norsk, så vil jeg skrive på engelsk.

Ting jeg har brukt: - 2 stk akvarell papir (canson) 
- Crafty Individuals 3 stk (Travels in Italy)
- Stars
- Glossy Ascents
- Scotch lim
- Cherish emblishement
- Coca cola mini plast flaske
- 2 Liljer lysblå, 1 rose mørkblå (wild orchids craft)
- Tim Holtz tråd gullgul
- 2 stk sugerør rød og lilla (Søstrene Grene)
- Gyllenbrun strimlettråd nett
- Passer og saks
- Vintage Seam binding ribbon (cream) 

I just made my first Top Hat, it was both funny and exiting.
Haven't made any manuals for this, just followed my guts, so pictures comes underneath :)

Supplies I've used: - 2 aquarell papers (canson) 
- 2 Crafty Individuals paper (Travel in Italy)
- 3 Stars
- Glossy Ascents
- Scotch Glue
- Cherish Emblishement
- Coca Cola tiny plastic bottle
- 2 Lillys lightblue, 1 rose darkblue (wild orchids craft)
- Tim Holtz goldenyellow thread
- 2 straws in red and purple (Sisters Grene, its a store in Norway)
- Goldenbrown webs
- Compass and scissor
- Vintage Seam binding ribbon Cream.

Here comes the pictures of my Top Hat ending result, hope you'll enjoy it :)
Leave a comment if you like, I love hearing back from you !

This is what it looked like before I put on details on it

I also made the inside look good, to put candy or money in it

Ahh the top, difficult to let it be the way it was..but still I needed to put on some stars and glossy ascents to it, couldn't help myself

Here the flowers came on, gave it a little lift I think

At last, the goldenyellow thread is on with the tag for who this is for. 3 lovely boys ! 

And here you go, the finished top hat, with the gift underneath it :) 

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