lørdag 9. april 2016

12 Tags Of 2016 -TimHoltz- April

O wonderful april, spring is all around!
The sun is shining, and in Norway we are at Steinkjer Screppa,
This is an event where scrappers from all around Norway
meet up in Steinkjer and scraps together.
Here I got inspiration to alot of things, have a great time and drinks wine.
Tim Holtz has long inspired me the most, and we do what we always do
at meetings like this, we make a Tag from Tim Holtz Blog.
April, beautiful month, and a funny tag to make.
Here it comes, my April tag inspired by the man, Tim Holtz!!
Hope you'll like it :-)

Top of the tag.

Bottom of the tag.

My tag, this was fun to make :) 

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