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12 Tags of 2015 - TimHoltz - April

Ja da har jeg klenget meg på Tim Holtz sin utfordring atter en gang, selvom jeg ikke hadde alt utstyret han bruker så syns jeg at jeg klarte oppgaven ganske fint egentlig :)
God Påske, Snart er det sommer :D

Well, then I have made a Tag once again for Tim Holtz challenge, April this time. Even though I didn't have everything he uses, I think I still made the best out of it and made a pretty Tag after all :)
Happy Easter, soon the summer will be here :D 

Here's what I used;
- Paper, dark brown and akvarell white
- Clear Stamp Flowers
- Archival Black
- Distress : Black Soot, Aged Mahogny, Peeled Paint, Faded Jeans,Weathered Wood, Barn Door and Fired Brick
- Acrylic Color Vandyke Brown
- Flower 3D sticker
- Recollections cutting knife
- Die with word ; Love
- Alphabet dies
- Cuttlebug with plates : A,B,C and metal
- Small spray flask filled with water
- Pencil brush filled with water
- Heat tool
- Baking mat
- Distress ink; Walnut Stain and Black Soot
- (I don't know what it is, but will be shown in picture) a Blue thing I use as spritzer
- Tim Holtz edge cutter
- Xyron Sticker
- Glue N'seal
- Needle and black thread
- Vintage Seam Binding Ribbon - Cream

Here comes pictures from how I did things, hope you'll enjoy :) 

First I used my clear stamp and stamped the whole stamp on top and half in the side.
I used archival black on this stamp.

I die cutted the word Love on the Tag.

Then I cutted on top of the word and at the bottom.

I used my distress markers and sprayed on some color, this was a bit difficult since I don't have the spritzer, so I simply used a spray on the markers.

This is the result of using spray and distress, pretty neat huh?! 

Found my cool colors, strong and beautiful.

First use markers(aged mahogny) on motive to make a strong color.

Then use the pencil brush with water to make the colors float together.

Use a heat tool to make colors dry.

Put some marker color(aged mahogny) on the baking mat( I use baking mat because it doesn't suck the color in like paper does)

Take the pencil brush in the color.

Finish the colors on the motive with the pencil brush.

Put on peeled paint on the stilks, and use pencil brush to make the color lighter.

I used Black soot to make an "shadow" on the motive, so I had to put some of this color on the baking mat, to use with pencil brush.

Pencil brush with black soot on will make a pretty cool shadow on the motive.

Use distress ink on the edges to make the card "pop" when you put it on the tag.

To make the perfect finish, you spray on water at the black soot color and then use the blue thing to dip in the color.

Give the blue thing a little knock all over the paper and it makes some awesome black dots.

Heat the dots up to make it dry faster.

Put on distress ink walnut stain on the edges of the tag as well.

Then use the edge cutter to make a riffled edge around the tag.

Die cut out the alphabet on akvarel paper.

Take the words F L O W, and put them in the Xyron machine.

Voila, glue on the back side of the words.

Put the paper with the motive under the cutted egde around the die cutted Love.

I used Glue N'seal because I wanted to heat it up to dry faster, normal glue will bubble.

Since I don't own any sew machine, I have to do this on the old fashioned way.. Needle and Thread.

Went out pretty awesome I think, hehe..

On the ribbon I used the color Barn Door...

And the color Fired Brick...

Sprayed it with water...

And curled it up together to a little ball, heated it up with my heat tool.

Let it air dry a little before putting it on the card.

Just for fun, I used acrylic color on a flower 3D sticker to make it darker.

Black soot on the F L O W die cuts.

And putted all on the TAG, this is my final result.. What you think?! Thanks for watching :) 

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