søndag 21. juni 2015

12 Tags of 2015 - TimHoltz- June

Hehey people !
Just made it through with my June tag ! That was awesome. Offcourse I've missed a couple of things in this tag cause I haven't all the things Tims got. So I used my imagination and created what I could make out of what I have :D 
Hope you'll like my tag for June !

Supplies I used: 
- Surfaces: #8 manila tag, burlap, plastic packaging,akvarell paper, brown paper
- Layering stencil: THS016 Harlequin
- stamps: hashtag norwegian
- embellishments: diamond heart, linen ribbon, jute string, loop pins, typed token, straw
- distress ink pad: DIY distress it yourself, walnut stain, peacock feathers
- distress re-inkers: mowed lawn, pine needles, peeled paint
- distress spray stain: picket fence
- alcohol ink: mushroom
- tools: scissors, mini ink blending tool, craft scraper, heat tool, ruler, pencil, staz on
-adhesive: wonder tape and scotch glue

First I inked the distress it yourself pad with my three re-inkers, scraped it into the pad

And then I dipped the front on the stamp to show the colors on the outside

I forgot to take a picture, but I stamped this stencil with the distress it yourself pad and putted on the card.
I also forgot to take a picture of coloring the surface of the manila tag, but I just put a picture here of the manila tag so you can see.

Like this, this is how it turned out after putting the stencil over with the distress it yourself pad.

Then I used the craft scraper on the edges of the tag

And inked the edges with my walnut stain mini distresser

I used staz on jet black on the Hashtag #smakepå (#tasteit) on a brown paper

Since I don't have the starbucks coffee dies, I simply had to use the old fashioned way and cut it out, here I used a ruler, scissors and my pencil.

Making the middle of the cup with my pencil and a piece of brown paper

Here I make the round paper dot using my mini distress stamper as a round thing.

Coloring it with my mini distress Peacock feathers

There you go, almost like a coffee cup, I think it turned out ok since I don't have the dies.. 

Using some adhesive tape on the backside, also take the straw on the backside 

Here I putted on picket fence color on a plastic piece to be the top of the cup

Glued on the burlap at the bottom, glued on the hashtag and stitched it up together

On the diamond heart embellisment I used some alcohol ink mushroom to bring the great figures.

Pin it to remember it, as Tim always says ! This is my ending result ! 
Thank you for looking, and also thanks for a comment or two :) 

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  1. Wohoo så kul den ble! Var visst helt glemt å se på den jeg :-/

    1. Tusen Takk Sis :) ble fin din med annen vri syns jeg, genial vri :D